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InvestWise Africa, a product of Camex treasury & Finance Solutions Ltd, is Africa’s first B2C AI driven financial technology platform focused on financial inclusion, serving the needs of the unbanked and underbanked in the continent and Diaspora.

As Africa’s leading digital wealth management platform, we lift people out of poverty by helping them build wealth for their families and towards their retirement. We make this possible by providing easy-to-use platform for on-the-go money management and easy access to investment opportunities in markets across Africa.

InvestWise Africa’s business module is focused around introducing an easy concept towards building wealth by granting individuals the ability to save money through full cash visibility and control over their daily and monthly expenses and expected inflows. Individuals are able to track current payments as well as payments due to them in the future. 

Through our platform, we also connect both the unbanked and underbanked to ecosystem of financial institutions in Ghana and rest of Africa. Individuals are able to allocate a portion of their daily savings into investments provided by these financial institions. 

InvestWise offers financial institutions the opportunity to reach out to a vast number of  retail and institutional investors with different investments options listed on the platform.

Users of InvestWise will be able to enjoy access to different investment products offered by financial services in Africa without a visit to the premises of these institutions. These enables access to financial services by the growing population who are unable to gain access to traditional investment products from remote areas.

InvestWise brings to the African communities both in Africa and outside Africa the ability to start managing their finances digitally and also to provide opportunities for individuals to invest with and  through African financial intuitions for their future. 

Our focus is to contribute positively to the lives of individuals in the African region. We aim to help users on our platform build wealth from the comfort of their homes, offices etc. This requires careful selection of partners which are motivated in working with us to ensure our financial inclusion agenda is achieved. 

InvestWise Solution

InvestWise is an AI driven Business to Consumer Fintech solution developed by Camex Treasury as Africa’s first AI driven Retail Investment platform InvestWise is an intelligent value-add platform with a diversified user based across the African continent and abroad. It offers a Robot capability by matching investors with highly rated financial institutions and Investments with high returns.

Retail and Institutional Investors

InvestWise provides market access to a diversified Investor base. Both the unbanked and underbanked  population in Africa and abroad will gain full access to Investment products ranging from Fixed Deposits, Treasury Bills, Treasury Notes, Bonds, Insurance investment products, Retail pension products, Mutual funds and Stocks across the African continent. Investors are able to perform analysis on different Investment options for informed investment decision making.

Investment Houses

InvestWise provides a competitive Financial Institution network with regulated and established investment houses providing value-added services. Financial Institutions are able to interact directly with investors by offering the highest of returns on investments.  Members on the platform are made up of Banks, Fund Managers, Pension Companies, Insurance Companies and Stock Exchanges across Africa.

Visit Google Play store/Apple Store and download the Investwise Africa mobile app.

The Problem & Opportunity

    There are massive unbanked population in the world with about I.7 billion adults with no bank accounts  yet two-third own a mobile phone that could help them access financial services.  In Africa, 57% of the population lacks any form of bank account while over 40% percent of banking customers prefer to use digital channels for transactions.
    Investment product offerings by most Financial Institutions are not automated, leaving Financial institutions with difficulty to scale up effectively.

    There are no insight and readily available data-driven research around various investment options offered by financial institutions to attract huge cash flows. Most Financial institutions in Africa do not have platforms for investment product distribution and purchase for retail investors.

    Global Service Providers empowers financial institutions with platforms  to serve institutional clients leaving retail clients with difficulty in tapping into investment opportunities.

    Lack of access to products listed on Stock Exchanges in the continent leaves markets with liquidity problems. Stock Exchanges are unable to attract investors from remote areas and abroad.


InvestWise Africa’s Ecosystem
Our ecosystem aims to cut-across the various pan-African countries with large network of partners and investors. We are also dedicated to attracting large population of African Diaspora to our eco-system. 


1. Product Distribution and Trading
InvestWise Africa is designed as a financial planning tool and an investment platform for retail and institutional investors both on the African continent and Diaspora to invest in Investment assets in Africa through financial institutions.
Users of the platform can purchase and terminate investments with financial institutions through the platform. The platform also offer users easy  access to analytics on Investment products for thorough analysis before making an informed investment decision.
The platform offers payment capabilities through integration with our partner bank to ensure seamless and Straight-through-processing of transactions. 

Supported products are Fixed Income (Fixed Deposit, Treasury Bills, Treasury Notes, Bonds), Mutual Funds and Unit trust, Insurance Investment products, Retail pension products and Equities ( Stocks). More products to be added in our future release.

2. White Label Product
A customized solution for banks, Fund managers, Pension managers, Insurance Companies and Stock Exchanges.
A digital platform dedicated to a Financial institution for distribution and purchase of investment products. This will afford Financial institutions the opportunity to offer access to their respective institution's  investment products to customers.
A branded platform serving the needs of a Financial institution's clients.
InvestWise Africa can integrate with a bank’s core banking platform for exposure monitoring.

InvestWise Team

Elvin Acolatse - Executive Director

Armel Nene - Executive Director

Terrence Emerhana - Executive Director

Strategic Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

  • InvesWise Africa uses the latest innovations in artificial intelligence (AI)  to ensure our clients such as  Banks, Fund managers, Pension companies, Insurance companies can digitize their business and provide financial service products and wealth creation solutions to both account and non-account holders thereby helping to move people out of poverty.

    InvestWise offers an aggregative service, helping users to have clear visibility of their cash balances across their various bank accounts. It offers complete cash management functionality, enabling users to track their expenses and income as well as provide users with Savings opportunity.

  • InvestWise Africa as Africa’s leading digital wealth creation platform is built as an artificial intelligent platform to assist users with wealth creation through distribution of Investment products offered by African Institution. The platform offers a Robo-advisory capability aimed at matching investors to investments based on users investment profile.

  • InvestWise Africa offers retail and institutional investors both in Africa and abroad easy, convenient and immediate access to investment instruments such as Fixed Deposit, Treasury Bills, and treasury Notes, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Pension and Insurance. It also provides our product listing partners with an easy, practical and organized way to distribute products, manage and service their customers.

  • InvestWise Africa is currently launched in Ghana. However, our ecosystem will cut across the entire continent, ensuring the product is launched across different countries. Nigeria is the next target launch location of the product.

  • InvestWise Africa has reach of over 350 million people across Africa and beyond.

  • You can contact us through the contact us form at menu bar or via email at

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